Bankruptcy Attorney: Is Your Current Assistant Protecting Your Reputation?

by Ed Williams on September 15, 2012

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A friend of mine recently lamented that she did not know the status of her bankruptcy case and had problems getting callbacks or answers from her attorney or the staff. There were, however, no problems in receiving calls from the creditors.

As you know, there are deadlines to be managed from the moment the client enters your office until the bankruptcy is officially discharged by the court. Is your current staff up to the task?

Are each of your bankruptcy cases moving along as expected? Do you have a method for tracking each case’s progress? Do you currently rely on your legal assistants or paralegals to monitor each case as to deadlines and regular communication with your client? If so, how do you know this work is being performed properly?

The solution to mediocre staff performance can be found by the utilization of a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (“VBAs”). VBAs are highly trained, off-site bankruptcy assistants. Many VBAs have worked as legal assistants or paralegals and have taken their legal knowledge to the next level by training as a VBA.

When a client enlists your services to prepare a bankruptcy petition for them, they expect their case to move along efficiently and expeditiously. They are, after all, anxious for the creditor calls to stop.

Are you assisting them properly in this regard?

If not, take a moment to think about how a VBA can reduce not only your workload but your stress level as well. And, oh yes, your client will be served by a professional assistant who understands the meaning of “excellent customer service”.

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