Cross-Collateralization Issue in Bankruptcy

by Ed Williams on September 15, 2012

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Due to the decline in incomes of families living in 25 states and the District Of Columbia, the income limit used for the “first cut” Bankruptcy Means Test is being reduced for filers living in those states, effective, November 1, 2009.  For example, inFlorida, the new limits are reduced by $1,242 for a single earner and by $2,115 for a family of four.

The Chapter 7 income limit is the income, below which, bankruptcy filers pass the all important Means Test.  While passing this test does not guarantee a discharge of debts, it is the first test qualifying a debtor to petition the bankruptcy court for discharge.

The income limit is set at a different level in each state and is based on the median income level in the state in which the debtor resides and the number of family members.

The following link will take you to the official U.S. Justice Department web listing of the new income limits.

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