Increased Profits for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

by Ed Williams on September 15, 2012

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In these tough economic times, it is important to understand how to grow your bankruptcy law practice without the usual staff expenses of health insurance, sick leave, 401ks, vacation pay, and on and on.

With the advent of computers, it is possible now to work with debtor bankruptcy assistants (or “Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants”) offsite.

Just how does this work?

After your first meeting with a potential bankruptcy client and after you have collected your fee, your client will begin to gather information for the Client Intake Sheets you have provided. (Please visit our website and click the “Resources” tab to download a free set of Client Intake Sheets.)

After your client has returned the completed Client Intake Sheets (along with the required attachments), you will fax or e-mail the documents to your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant who will begin drafting the bankruptcy petition.

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant works quickly and efficiently in inputting the client’s information into the bankruptcy schedules. Instead of working in the firm’s office, the assistant works from the privacy of his or her home. Few interruptions. Faster turnaround.

A good Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant will prepare a summary for the attorney as she prepares the petition. The summary will outline for the attorney the additional information that is required from the client in order to complete the petition.

Once the petition is complete, a draft copy will be forwarded to the attorney for review. Any changes will then be reflected in the petition and a final will be forwarded to the attorney for filing with the court.

Consider utilizing a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant to prepare your bankruptcy petitions. Your clients will be better served and you could realize a positive impact on your firm’s bottom line.

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